9 Amazing Apps to Make Your Move Easier

9 Amazing Apps to Make Your Move Easier

  • 03/8/20
When you’re moving – either to or from Scottsdale – it’s a big deal. Even if you’ve hired professional movers, you still have a lot to do (and to remember). Check out these nine amazing apps to make your move as streamlined, organized and simple as possible.

9 Amazing Apps to Make Your Move Easier

Every move has some stress associated with (even a short move across town). That’s where these nine apps come in – and some of them have overlapping functions, so you only need a handful to stay organized and tackle all your tasks:
  1. Unpakt
  2. MoveAdvisor
  3. Google Keep
  4. Sortly
  5. Postmates
  6. Letgo
  7. Facebook Marketplace
  8. Wunderlist
  9. TaskRabbit
Here’s a closer look at each app and how it can help you through your move.
Best Moving Apps - Unpakt

Moving App #1: Unpakt

Unpakt helps you find moving companies, create inventory lists and make adjustments to your schedule. Features include:
  • Moving company price comparisons
  • Inventory lists you can edit any time
  • Adjustable “Move Plans”
  • Per-item cost breakdowns of your entire move
  • Contact with the moving company you choose
Cost: Free
Best Moving Apps - Move Advisor

Moving App #2: MoveAdvisor

Move Advisor helps you find movers and create checklists, inventories and timelines. Features include:
  • Room-by-room home inventory
  • Moving timelines (week by week)
  • Lists of the best-rated movers in Scottsdale and the surrounding communities
  • Reviews of moving companies
  • Cost calculations
  • Contact with the moving company you choose
  • Reminders and timers
Cost: Free
Best Moving Apps - Google Keep

Moving App #3: Google Keep

Google Keep lets you create notes, lists and reminders so you never forget to tackle a task. You can even collaborate with others so you can work on things together. Features include:
  • The ability to add photos and drawings (and to draw on photos)
  • Dictate your thoughts, which Keep will transcribe
  • Search notes and lists by topic
  • Labels for notes, lists and reminders
  • Color coding
  • Automatic sync with all matched devices that also have the app
  • Voice command-ready
Cost: Free
Best Moving Apps - Sortly

Moving App #4: Sortly

Sortly is truly the simplest inventory system you’ll find. It helps you easily track what you have during your move, and you can log in from anywhere. Features include:
  • A simple visual system you can use to browse what you have
  • Labeling capability for boxes
  • Check in/check out items as they come off the truck
  • Share access with others
Cost: Free, with in-app purchases for commercial use
Best Moving Apps - Postmates

Moving App #5: Postmates

Postmates lets you have lunch and dinner delivered when you’re on the go. (Can you really leave the house for lunch while you’re loading up a moving truck? Do you really feel like cooking dinner on your first night in your new home?) Features include:
  • Access to more than a half-million local and national restaurants, as well as retailers
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Free delivery on all orders over $12 if you purchase an Unlimited Membership
Cost: Free, with the option to upgrade to an Unlimited Membership for free delivery
Best Moving Apps - Letgo

Moving App #6: Letgo

Letgo lets you sell your stuff quickly and easily – so it’s the perfect tool if you’re downsizing or just want to get rid of things before you move. You can sell (and buy) a number of things on Letgo, including:
  • Home goods
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Decor you can use for staging
Cost: Free
Best Moving Apps - Facebook Marketplace

Moving App #7: Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is already on your device if you have Facebook installed. You can sell things, buy things and even hire help around the house using this free software.
Cost: Free
Best Moving Apps - Wunderlist

Moving App #8: Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a list-making app that lets you keep track of everything in neat, easy-to-access folders. It’s even part of Microsoft To Do. Features include:
  • Microsoft apps and services integration
  • Lists with alarms
  • Import abilities
Cost: Free
Best Moving Apps - TaskRabbit

Moving App #9: TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is your go-to if you need help doing things around the house. You input your task, get a list of “Taskers” who are available to do it, view pricing, and pick someone. Features include:
  • The ability to book help in minutes
  • Get same-day help
  • Access more than 140,000 “Taskers”
  • Make secure payments

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