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7 Tips to Help You Sell Your Condo in Scottsdale

  • 07/8/19
When you’re selling a condo in Scottsdale, you want to sell it quickly and at the right price – and that’s a lot easier if you use these five tips from the pros.

5 Tips to Help Sell Your Scottsdale Condo Fast

Whether you’re in a big rush to sell because you want to buy another home in Scottsdale or you have a flexible schedule, there’s a benefit to getting your condo ready to sell quickly. Use these five tips to make it as appealing as possible to prospective buyers:
  1. Scale down your furniture.
  2. Brighten things up.
  3. Tackle clutter (with a vengeance).
  4. Improve traffic flow.
  5. Stage your balcony.
Let’s take a closer look at each of these.
How to Sell Your Condo in Scottsdale Fast - Scottsdale Realtors

Condo Selling Tip #1: Scale down your furniture.

Big furniture makes any space look smaller, so if your condo is already a little tight on space, you may need to scale down your furnishings. When bulky furniture takes up valuable space in your home, opt for smaller pieces – or at least put some of your pieces in storage until you move into your next home. If you have a sofa and a loveseat, for example, send the loveseat packing. Extra side tables can go, too, and if your dining table has a leaf in it, it may need to come out (and the extra chairs may need to go into storage for a while).

Condo Selling Tip #2: Brighten things up.

Make sure every part of your condo is brightly lit. Remove heavy drapes to let in more natural light, and mount mirrors across from windows to make the most of what you get. If there are dim spots in corners, brighten them up by placing tall, slender lamps there, or invest in a new light fixture that casts light better than your existing one does.

Condo Selling Tip #3: Tackle clutter (with a vengeance).

The most basic rule of home staging is to remove all the clutter from your space – but it’s especially important in a condo that’s on the small side. Clear off all your counters, leaving nothing behind, and take down all your personal photos. Try to pare down every room so that you have only a few decorative elements in each; that way, your prospective buyers can envision their belongings there instead of yours. You can always pack away your items and store them until you move into your next place – or you can take the opportunity to get rid of things you don’t use.

Condo Selling Tip #4: Improve traffic flow.

In any home, it’s important to make sure there’s good traffic flow – especially when the home is for sale. You want buyers to see how much space they’ll be getting, but if they feel cramped or trapped in an area because of furnishings, they’re going to have a tough time doing that. Rearrange your furniture (and see Tip #1 if you have too much) to figure out what’s best for traffic flow. You might be surprised at how much more space you have by switching your sofa to the other side of the room.
Sell a Condo in Scottsdale

Condo Selling Tip #5: Stage your balcony.

A balcony or patio is an extension of your condo’s indoor living space, and when buyers see it, they see potential. Staging your balcony helps give buyers’ imaginations a nudge, so start with a small outdoor table and chair set. Extra points for a rug beneath it! Add potted plants – those with bright blooms are better – but don’t go overboard, because although buyers know you’re taking the plants with you, they’ll automatically think about how much work will go into maintaining such a green and colorful space.

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