7 Tips to Help Make Your Move Easier When You Have Pets

7 Tips to Help Make Your Move Easier When You Have Pets

  • 12/11/22
If you’re moving to Scottsdale with pets, you probably already know that you have some challenges ahead of you. But with proper management, you can handle them easily, and you can make sure your move is easier on you and your four-legged, two-legged, or no-legged family members. This guide explains.

7 Tips to Help Make Your Move Easier When You Have Pets

Check out these seven tips that can help make your move easier when you’re a pet parent:
  1. Get your pet used to their carrier early.
  2. Update your address and phone number on your pet’s tags before you move.
  3. Keep pets’ medications, foods, treats, and toys out as you pack.
  4. Give your pet extra exercise in the days leading up to your move.
  5. Give your pet puzzle games to keep their brain busy.
  6. Ensure your pet has a safe space within your current home.
  7. Consider hiring a pet sitter for moving day.
Here’s a closer look at each.

Pet Moving Tip #1: Get Your Pet Used to Their Carrier Early

Getting your pet used to their carrier before the move is key. Start by leaving out the carrier in an area that they can play and explore. Then, start putting treats and toys inside it when they’re not looking. This will help them build a positive association with their carrier as a place of comfort, rather than something frightening or uncomfortable.
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Pet Moving Tip #2: Update Your Address and Phone Number on Your Pet’s Tags Before You Move

Update your pet’s tags with your new address and phone number before you move. This will help ensure that, if they run off or get lost during the move, they can be returned to you quickly and easily.

Pet Moving Tip #3: Keep Pets’ Medications, Foods, Treats, and Toys Out as You Pack

As you pack, keep pet medications, food, treats, and toys out. This will give your pets something familiar to fall back on in the midst of all the change.
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Pet Moving Tip #4: Give Your Pet Extra Exercise in the Days Leading Up to Your Move

Giving your pet extra exercise in the days leading up to your move will help them get their energy out and ensure they’re more likely to sleep during the move itself.

Pet Moving Tip 5: Give Your Pet Puzzle Games to Keep Their Brain Busy

Puzzle games are a great way to help keep your pet’s mind off the move. Consider getting a few new toys that can also double as puzzle games, and give them out just before you move.
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Pet Moving Tip 6: Ensure Your Pet Has a Safe Space Within Your Current Home

Give your pet its own safe space in your current home, such as a crate or a room that it can retreat to while you’re packing and moving. This will help them feel secure during the chaos.

Pet Moving Tip 7: Consider Hiring a Pet Sitter for Moving Day

Hiring a pet sitter on your moving day is always a good idea. Not only will it give you peace of mind in knowing your pet is safe, but it will also ensure that your pet has someone to care for them if you’re too busy during the move.

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