7 Secrets to Selling Your Scottsdale Home Fast

7 Secrets to Selling Your Scottsdale Home Fast

  • 01/29/19
If you’re like most people who are selling a home in Scottsdale, you want to sell it quickly and at the right price.

These seven secrets to selling your Scottsdale home fast will help get you there:
  • Hire a professional cleaning company
  • Stage every room with purpose
  • Invest in updates and upgrades
  • Focus on outdoor living space
  • Price your home properly
  • Create your own buzz
  • Rely on your real estate agent

7 Secrets to Selling Your Scottsdale Home Fast

There are plenty of things that factor into how quickly you sell your home in Scottsdale, but if you follow these seven tips, you’ll increase your chances of selling it fast (and at the right price).

#1. Hire a professional cleaning company.

Prospective buyers want to see that your home is clean – and that it’s easy to keep that way. You can make things easier on yourself by hiring a professional cleaning company to do a deep-clean; then, you’re only responsible for maintenance.

#2. Stage every room with purpose.

You can help buyers see the potential in every room by assigning it a purpose – even if you don’t currently use them all that way. For example, the room where you keep your fitness equipment and your desk: Is it a fitness room or a home office? Pick one and run with it.

#3. Invest in updates and upgrades.

Updating your light fixtures, faucets and other small items can go a long way toward modernizing your home – and it can make it more appealing to a wider range of buyers. Talk to your real estate agent about whether you should repaint your home’s interior or exterior, too.

#4. Focus on outdoor living space.

Buyers love viewing outdoor living space as an extension of the home, so make sure yours is in top-notch shape. Add path lighting and comfortable furniture outdoors, and if you don’t already have one, think about adding a fire pit or water feature.

#5. Price your home properly.

Talk to your agent about pricing your home the right way before you even list it. If you price your home too high, people in that price range will think it’s not up to snuff; if you price it too low, you’re leaving money on the table. Statistically, homes priced just below market value get more offers and sometimes lead to bidding wars – but every market (and every neighborhood) is different, so set up a good strategy with your real estate agent.

#6. Create your own buzz.

Once you list your home for sale, tell everyone you know that it’s on the market. Share it on social media, talk to people about it, and encourage your friends and family to spread the word, too. A lot of homes sell because of word-of-mouth!

#7. Rely on your Realtor.

Your agent will give you all the tips and advice you need to help you sell your home quickly. Remember: He or she wants you to sell your house, too. Your agent will do all kinds of work behind the scenes to market your house to all the right buyers so you can sell it quickly.

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