5 Ways to Make Your Home’s Interior More Appealing to Potential Buyers

5 Ways to Make Your Home’s Interior More Appealing to Potential Buyers

  • 07/31/15
You’ve heard it before—to make your home more appealing and sell your home quickly for more money, you’ll want to make your interiors as neutral as possible. But, what exactly does that mean?
Start with the paint: Few buyers will be able to look past bright orange kitchen walls or flowered bathroom wallpaper. Repaint rooms, removing wall coverings if necessary, with neutral colors. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have stick to white or even beige. Certain shades of gray, tan, gray-lavender, and smoky blue are considered neutral, too and, as an added bonus, are in style right now. Paint manufacturers often offer an online guide to their neutral offerings, such as these pages by Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.
Consider your floors: Since it’s much more expensive to replace flooring than to repaint, you may be stuck with what you’ve got (Hopefully you don’t have green shag carpeting in the living room, for instance, though if you do, discuss your options with your agent). The next time you want to replace your flooring, think ahead to when you might want to sell your house and opt for carpets in neutral colors like beige and tan, similarly neutral tiles, or the ever-popular hardwood flooring.
Go neutral with furnishings: Look at your property through the eyes of a buyer. If some furnishings or accessories distract from the room, remove them, at least while your home is on the market. That doesn’t mean that your home has to be boring and bland. Think in contrasts to create visual interest—hang richly textured curtains against the smooth surface of the wall, place an ottoman next to a straight-legged coffee table, or choose mismatched but complementary chairs for a space.

Add pop:
 Neutral doesn’t mean colorless. In fact, you want to have a touch of color for visual interest. Throw bright pillows on the leather sofa, showcase a colorful painting in an otherwise neutral looking room, or display a bold red vase on the coffee table. You can even be more subdued if you want. A black lamp, dark chocolate throw, or deep blue chair can add similar accents to neutral rooms.
Stage your home: You want the buyer to envision himself living in the space. Remove family photos, evidence of pets, and personal preferences (not everybody is a Sun Devils fan). Then, make it more inviting by creating vignettes. Set the dining room table or light candles around the bathroom tub to lend a spa-like atmosphere. The buyer will be drawn to your home because this is the lifestyle he wants.
We’ve seen it all at The Matheson Team, from dated decor to frightful furniture, and these tips can help you avoid some of the biggest issues sellers face when trying to make their home appealing to buyers.
For more advice on preparing your home to sell or questions about why yours might not be selling, give me a call or fill out the form below to chat with someone from our team.
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