5 Tips to De-Stress Your Long-Distance Move to Arizona

5 Tips to De-Stress Your Long-Distance Move to Arizona

  • 07/19/20
If you’re moving to Arizona from another state – or even from one part of Arizona to another – you’re taking a big leap. There’s a good chance that you’re feeling more than a little stressed about it, too, but don’t worry: We have five tips to help you de-stress your long-distance move to Arizona.

5 Tips to De-Stress Your Long-Distance Move to Arizona

First things first: Working with a Scottsdale REALTOR® who understands your situation is essential. Your agent can help you manage every aspect of your transaction, from start to finish, and make the whole process as seamless as possible. When it comes to moving, though, that’s another story. Keep these five tips in mind:
  1. Try to schedule your move between October and April
  2. Downsize your belongings
  3. Choose the right moving company
  4. Be ruthless in tracking your budget
  5. Think about getting moving insurance
Here’s a closer look at each.

#1. Try to schedule your move between October and April

When you move between October and April, you’re missing the huge moving rush – summer is typically the most active home-buying and home-selling season, so everyone’s booking movers and handling all the essentials. If you buy a home now, you can even schedule it so that you’re ready to move in at the beginning of fall, when temperatures in Scottsdale start to dip and the weather’s just right for your arrival.

#2. Downsize your belongings

The more you move, the more it costs – and the more you have to unpack. If you’re prepping for a long-distance move, it makes sense to go through everything you own and get rid of things you’re toting along “just because.” As you go through your current home, make some decisions on what to keep, what to donate or sell, and what to toss.

#3. Choose the right moving company

Moving companies typically offer three options: DIY, partial DIY, and “let us handle everything.” Choose one that’s got a plan that works for you. If you’re sensitive about packing up your items but you’re not into the idea of driving across country with everything in tow, choose a moving company that can provide you with supplies and let you pack your own stuff – but that will pick it all up, pack it in the truck, and drive it to your new home for you.

#4. Be ruthless in tracking your budget

Set yourself a moving budget (as long as it’s realistic) and stick to it. When you’re getting quotes from moving companies, picking up moving supplies, or even hiring a move-out cleaner, keep your budget in mind. If you refuse to go over it, you’ll be much more conscious about how much the whole move will cost you – and you’ll likely save quite a bit more than you would’ve if you weren’t so vigilant.

#5. Think about getting moving insurance

Moving insurance may be a good choice for you. Moving companies have to provide you with two options when you use them – but if your belongings are particularly valuable, you might want to consider supplementing the moving company’s insurance with third-party insurance that provides an extra layer of protection.

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