5 Tips for Moving With Your Cat

5 Tips for Moving With Your Cat

  • 04/24/22
Moving with a cat can be tough – especially if your four-legged family member doesn’t love hanging out in a carrier or checking out new things. This guide gives you five tips to make things easier on you (and your cat).

5 Tips for Moving With Your Cat

Before you move, update your cat’s microchip information with your vet. Then, check out these five tips to smooth out your move with your cat:
  1. Help your cat adjust to a carrier
  2. Set up a safe space for moving day
  3. Pack a travel kit
  4. Wait for the last minute to put your cat in the carrier
  5. Let your cat explore a little at a time
Here’s a closer look at each.

Tip #1 for Moving With a Cat: Help You Cat Adjust to a Carrier

Long before you move, you should help your cat adjust to a carrier. If your cat has never been big fan, it’s best to leave a carrier open near his or her food bowl; your cat can explore inside whenever they’d like. If your cat is very suspicious of the carrier, consider scooting the food bowls closer and closer until your four-legged family member warms up. If you see your cat inside the carrier at any point, be sure to reward him or her with treats and extra love.

Tip #2 for Moving With a Cat: Set Up a Safe Space for Moving Day

On moving day, make sure there’s a safe space behind a closed door for your cat. The last thing you want is for your cat to dart out the door as movers are coming in and out with boxes. Make sure to mark the door so nobody accidentally opens it.

Tip #3 for Moving With a Cat: Pack a Travel Kit

Pack a special bag with your cat’s food, special treats, toys, and bedding for moving day. You’ll want to hand-carry these items to your new home so your cat can have them as soon as you arrive.

Tip #4 for Moving With a Cat: Wait for the Last Minute to Put Your Cat in the Carrier

Even if your cat seems to like his or her carrier, wait until the last minute to put them inside and shut the door. This can help minimize stress. Once you do shut the door, take your cat out to your vehicle immediately and start your journey.

Tip #5 for Moving With a Cat: Let Your Cat Explore a Little at a Time

When you arrive at your new home, letting your cat explore everything at once may be overwhelming and stressful. Most experts agree that you should confine your cat to one or two rooms where you’ll be spending a lot of time. Place your cat’s food dish and water bowl, as well as his or her litter box, in their permanent locations in your new home so your cat can begin getting used to the new arrangement.

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