5 Tips for Making Your Bathroom Look More Elegant When Your House is for Sale in Scottsdale

5 Tips for Making Your Bathroom Look More Elegant When Your House is for Sale in Scottsdale

  • 11/16/20
Your home’s bathrooms might be make-or-break spaces for prospective buyers – in fact, some buyers will take one look inside a bathroom and decide whether or not they can live with it on the spot. The solution is as simple as making your bathroom look as elegant as possible before you list your home. So where do you start?

5 Tips for Making Your Bathroom Look More Elegant When Your House is for Sale in Scottsdale

First things first: Most people don’t have to do a full bathroom remodel to sell a home. But realistically, there are things that almost everyone can do to make their bathrooms look and feel more elegant – and these are five of them:
  1. Add impressive lighting
  2. Bring in the outdoors
  3. Rehome your toiletries
  4. Invest in fresh towels
  5. Bring in some art
Here’s a closer look at each.
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Luxe Bathroom Tip #1: Add Impressive Lighting

When it comes to lighting up your bathroom, you can make a real statement with a piece like a large-scale, flush-mount chandelier. That type of light won’t take up any of the space in the room, but it’ll make a huge impact on how luxurious it feels to prospective buyers. Check out the closest home improvement store and see what’s available – and remember to choose something that matches your other fixtures.

Luxe Bathroom Tip #2: Bring in the Outdoors

Most spas have plenty of live plants in residence – and that’s because they add to the luxury feel that guests expect. You can take a couple of tacks with live plants: You can hang them from a hook so they’re up high, drawing visitors’ eyes up toward the ceiling (we recommend English ivy or some type of fern) or you can place them on a countertop, small table or the floor. Just be careful with how much real estate they take up in your bathroom; space is always at a premium in the lavatory.
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Luxe Bathroom Tip #3: Rehome Your Toiletries

Decorative glass or metal containers can be the perfect touch in your bathroom. They’re not just for cotton swabs, either; they’re perfect for shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotions, too. The best part? You’ll take these luxury items with you to your next home so you can enjoy them there.
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Luxe Bathroom Tip #4: Invest in Fresh Towels

Each bathroom in your home needs brand-new display towels – and nobody’s allowed to use them until you’ve sold the house. You can choose simple and elegant towels rolled in a basket and hanging from racks or you can pick towels with rich detail, like embroidered edges or monogramming. The key is that they remain brand-new while they’re on display!

Luxe Bathroom Tip #5: Bring in Some Art

You don’t have to create an entire gallery wall in your bathroom, but having a bit of art is almost a must when you’re selling a luxury space. A generously sized painting or a quirky and large mirror with an interesting finish or shape will do the trick, but don’t overdo it; if you don’t already have art or an “extra” mirror in your bathroom, talk to your Scottsdale real estate agent before you buy something new.
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