5 Reasons You Need a New Construction Realtor®

5 Reasons You Need a New Construction Realtor®

  • 12/4/17
When you’re searching for new homes – those that are under construction or haven’t been built yet – it’s tempting to go directly to a builder with your list of must-haves.
But that can be a costly mistake.
For most people, it makes sense to work with a new construction real estate agent in Scottsdale first.

5 Reasons You Need a New Construction Realtor

Buying new construction is different from buying a resale, and you need an agent to represent your interests. Although the builder will likely have its own agent, that agent’s primary duty is to the builder rather than to buyers. In contrast, your agent will:
  1. Help you find the right neighborhood and location within that neighborhood
  2. Ensure you’re working with the right builder for your needs
  3. Help you explore financing options
  4. Help you get the most value for your money and negotiate with the builder on your behalf
  5. Guide you through your purchase contract
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Most people find that it’s best to have a fiduciary along for the ride, because buying new construction is a huge commitment. Your agent will be in your corner every step of the way, just as he or she would if you were buying a resale home.
New Construction Purchase Contract - New Construction in Scottsdale

Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

If you don’t already have your heart set on a particular neighborhood, your agent can help you explore communities in Scottsdale that have active real estate listings to find one that’s perfect for you. Your agent can provide you with information on communities you’re interested in and give you pointers on picking the right area based on your needs.

Working With the Right Builder

Your new construction Realtor is there to make sure you’ve chosen the right builder for your needs. While most Scottsdale builders are extremely accommodating and will work hard to deliver your dream home, there are a lot of differences between what they offer and where they build. Your agent will know which builders have a reputation for going above and beyond for their clients (and he or she will know if there’s a builder with a bad reputation, too).

Exploring Your Financing Options

Most builders have a “preferred” lender that they’d love for you to work with. In fact, the builder you choose may even offer enticing incentives for you to work with its lender – and sometimes, that’s a great idea. However, you don’t have to use the builder’s lender. You’re free to shop around for the best rates and terms, and your agent may even be able to recommend local professionals who can offer you the most favorable deals.

Getting You the Best Value by Negotiating With the Builder

Your real estate agent’s primary duty is to preserve your interests in any real estate transaction, and that’s what he or she will do when it comes to negotiations with your builder. Your Realtor will talk to you about upgrades and plan modifications, and help you clarify your must-haves so you’re not spending cash on things you don’t necessarily want in your home.
Builders aren’t like individual sellers because they’re not emotionally attached to the properties they sell; instead, they’re focused on the bottom line. When you walk into a builder’s office without an agent to represent you, the builder’s agent may represent certain packages that the builder wants to sell – and those packages may not match your wants and needs. Your agent can negotiate with the builder and help you get your dream house at the best possible price.

Working Through Your Contract

As an experienced Realtor, your agent will read through your contract and, if necessary, recommend an attorney who can help ensure you’re getting the protections you need. Because real estate transactions involve a lot of paperwork, most people find it pays to have a seasoned expert to provide guidance, answer questions and protect their interests.

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