5 Reasons Selling Your Home in Winter Could Be the Right Choice

5 Reasons Selling Your Home in Winter Could Be the Right Choice

  • 12/16/18
If you’re like many people, you want to sell your home – but you’re waiting until spring hits to put it on the market.

But that might not be the wisest choice. In fact, selling your home in winter can be a lot easier.

5 Reasons Selling Your Home in Winter Could Be the Right Choice

While it’s not the best idea for everyone, here are five reasons selling your home in winter could be the right choice for you:

  • Low inventory means less competition
  • Winter is full of serious buyers
  • Prospective buyers are getting year-end bonuses
  • January and February are statistically big for corporate relocation
  • Curb appeal requires less yard work
Naturally, you’ll want to talk to your Scottsdale REALTOR® to make the most informed decision for your own situation.

Low Inventory Means Less Competition

Typically, home inventory dips quite a bit in the winter – and the fewer homes on the market, the less competition there is for yours. A lot of sellers really want to wait until spring or summer, but that means they have to compete with dozens of similar homes, and it can be really hard to make yours stand out without taking drastic leaps.

Winter is Full of Serious Buyers

Window shoppers hop from home to home during spring and summer. During winter, not so much. The people out looking at homes in the winter are typically more serious about buying – and they also know that if they wait until spring, someone else is going to snap up the home they love.

Prospective Buyers Are Getting Year-End Bonuses

A lot of companies give out year-end bonuses, and that’s cash many prospective buyers use toward down payments. Workers who are retiring with big payouts also do the same. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll sell to someone who’s using a year-end bonus as a down payment, the chance is there – and if you want to sell, it can’t hurt to do it in the winter.

January and February Are Statistically Big for Corporate Relocation

A lot of large companies – many of which are in Scottsdale and Phoenix – use winter as prime relocation months. Statistically, January and February see some of the most moves. Unfortunately for these buyers, they usually don’t have a lot of time to search and tour properties; they need to get kids set up in school, get back to work, and in some cases, sell their old homes. That means many of these relocating buyers are ready to sign as soon as they find the right house.

Curb Appeal Requires Less Yard Work

Even though our temperatures stay pretty comfortable, you have to do a lot less landscaping in the winter to keep your curb appeal amazing.

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