5 Outdoor Living Trends to Keep an Eye On This Summer

5 Outdoor Living Trends to Keep an Eye On This Summer

  • 04/19/21
If you’re selling a home in Scottsdale, you already know that your real estate agent will walk you through all the things you can do to make it more appealing to buyers – and there’s a good chance that some of those things will include improvements and upgrades to your outdoor living space. Check out the five outdoor living trends to keep an eye on this summer if you’re considering selling your home.

5 Outdoor Living Trends to Keep an Eye On This Summer

Here are five outdoor living trends you may want to embrace if your house is on the market this summer:
  1. Enhanced lighting
  2. Outdoor office space
  3. All-season upgrades
  4. Backyard igloos
  5. Entertainment upgrades
Here’s a closer look at each.

Outdoor Living Trend #1: Enhanced Lighting

Go for something more than simple, functional lighting – search for outdoor light fixtures that are stylish enough for entertaining. Think about adding vintage lamps at the borders of your outdoor living space and then sprucing things up with fairy lights in the trees and shrubs, or choose LED strip lights to create accents.

Outdoor Living Trend #2: Outdoor Office Space

When working from home became the norm for many people last year, there were droves of homeowners looking for better home offices – and what better place than outside? You can add a home office space to the porch, patio or even backyard. To pull it off, find a shady spot that limits glare and use decorative screens or planters to create a designated workspace.

Outdoor Living Trend #3: All-Season Upgrades

People are spending more time outdoors while at home now than they have in the recent past, and that means all-season upgrades can help you sell. Think about adding a custom-designed fire pit with benches or Adirondack chairs.

Outdoor Living Trend #4: Backyard Igloos

Garden dome igloos are perfect all-season add-ons in many backyards. Really, they enable you to set up an indoor-style space outside. You can choose one with a floor and add complete furnishings (including a bed), which makes it the perfect place to spend time outside during chillier weather (or even on Arizona’s cooler nights).

Outdoor Living Trend #5: Entertainment Upgrades

Hidden speakers, flat-screen TVs and other entertainment upgrades are making a big splash this summer. Many people are choosing rapidly evolving pieces of tech to add to their backyards as a means of extending an outdoor living space.

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