4 Outdoor Trends That Send Buyers Running

4 Outdoor Trends That Send Buyers Running

  • 05/27/19
If you’re selling your home in Scottsdale, you know that you need to make it as appealing as possible to prospective buyers – and that includes your outdoor living space. You don’t have to have a beautiful Zen garden out back, but you do have to make sure the yard is neatly manicured and styled properly so buyers can see how fabulous it is (and how it’s an extension of your home).
Oh – and you do have to avoid these four outdoor trends that send buyers running.

4 Outdoor Trends That Send Buyers Running

First things first: Talk to your real estate agent before you make any major investments in your outdoor living space. Don’t get rid of anything, either – the key is picking your agent’s brain to find out what’s hot and what’s not. And just because these five trends in outdoor living space don’t generally perform well, that doesn’t mean you have to rip apart your entire yard and start fresh if you have them. Every situation is different (and again, that’s why it’s so important to talk to your real estate agent before you do anything big).

These are the trends buyers shy away from:
  1. Too-splashy water features
  2. Perfectly symmetrical or over-the-top landscaping
  3. Floodlights that really flood the area
  4. Poorly put-together fire pits
Too-Splashy Water Features

Too-Splashy Water Features

It’s great to have a water feature in your backyard, but if it’s too big, too splashy or too involved, buyers are going to want to skip your house in favor of another. Upkeep costs are one of the biggest reasons buyers shy away, but many are also concerned about safety – particularly when they have kids. Some buyers also worry about how water features attract desert creatures, which can be dangerous.

Perfectly Symmetrical or Over-the-Top Landscaping

When your landscaping looks too professional (yes, there is such a thing!) or too over-the-top, some buyers won’t want to commit. That’s because they see hours of weekend work rather than the relaxation they really want – so unless you live in a neighborhood where the HOA handles lawn maintenance in the front and back yards, think about planting native bushes, cactuses and other locally thriving plants that need minimal care and calling it a day.
Floodlights - Bad Outdoor Features for Selling Your Home

Floodlights That REALLY Flood the Area

Having a great lighting scheme in the backyard goes a long way – but if the entire area is bathed in bright light all night long, you might have a problem. Use the dimmer switches on your spotlights and save the floodlights for motion detection once all the lights are out. Stick to 50- to 75-watt bulbs and definitely don’t go over the fixture’s recommendation.

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Poorly Put-Together Fire Pits

Fire pits in the back yard are extremely popular – but not when they’re not put together well. Many DIY fire pits don’t photograph well, and even if they do, they leave room for improvement in real life. Unless you have a professionally created fire pit in your backyard and it’s surrounded by beautiful outdoor furniture, it’s probably best to avoid using that as a selling point for your home.

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