3 Bathroom Investments That Could Help You Sell Your Home in Scottsdale

3 Bathroom Investments That Could Help You Sell Your Home in Scottsdale

  • 07/12/21
If you’re thinking about selling your home in Scottsdale, your real estate agent has most likely talked to you about making improvements that make it more marketable – and some of those improvements could be in your bathrooms. Check out these three bathroom investments that could help you sell your house in Scottsdale faster (and for more money).

3 Bathroom Investments That Could Help You Sell Your Home in Scottsdale

First things first: Not all home improvements pay off at the closing table. Some will cost you more than they’re worth, and others may only help you by selling your home faster (but not for a higher price). Talk to your real estate agent about making these investments, which may help you sell faster and for more money:
  1. New hardware and accessories
  2. New flooring
  3. Additional storage space
Here’s a closer look at each.

Bathroom Investment #1: New Hardware and Accessories

Your drawer pulls, cabinet handles, light switches and plates, towel racks and light fixtures can easily date your home – so if it’s been a while since you last updated your bathroom, these are the first things to look at. (In other words, if your bathroom fixtures are old enough to vote, it’s time to replace them.)
Usually, replacing these items is as simple as taking a trip to your favorite home improvement store, picking out matching pieces, and installing them yourself. And if you’re particularly handy, you may even consider changing your faucets yourself (but if you’re not, it’s worth hiring a professional to do so for you).

Bathroom Investment #2: New Flooring

Your flooring makes a huge difference in the way people view your bathroom. If it’s dingy and old-looking, prospective buyers will have a negative first impression. However, with that said, you don’t need to go all-out and install luxury granite slabs on your floor. If you have tiles that look worn down, or that are scuffed, broken or cracked, you have to replace them – and if you have linoleum, you almost certainly need to replace it.
You can find affordable tiles at your favorite home improvement store, and depending on how comfortable you are working with flooring, you may even be able to DIY the whole job. Some tilework is very easy to do on your own – but in some cases, it’s best to work with a professional right out of the gate.

Bathroom Investment #3: Additional Storage Space

Storage space is at a premium in bathrooms, which means buyers can never get enough of it. Although you don’t need to knock out a wall and expand your linen closet, little things that create more space can be tremendously helpful. For example, corner shelving above your garden tub, an expanded medicine cabinet, and under-sink space that includes pull-out drawers and built-in organizers can make a favorable impression on buyers.

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