We learned today that Scottsdale residents have the ability to report non-emergency issues in 3 different ways:

  • By phone to the appropriate city department
  • On-line form under “Report a Problem” on the City of Scottsdale web site
  • MyScottsdale App for iPhone and Smartphones

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With summer landscaping now in full bloom we noticed a tree’s branches had grown over southbound Pima Road, obstructing northbound drivers’ ability to see oncoming traffic when turning left into our office parking lot.

To resolve the issue, we went to the City of Scottsdale’s web site, sifted through the list of departments and discovered the “Traffic Engineering, Sight Obstructions and Parking Issues” department with sub-areas including “Traffic Sight Obstruction.”

It sounded like the right place to go.   After clicking on the link a “Reporting a Problem” form popped up.  We described the issue, the location and provided contact information.  Our skeptical side said, “well, this may take a while to happen.”

At the time we submitted the report on-line, we saw a note on the page for a “My Scottsdale” iPhone application and, as a secondary measure, decided we would download the application and submit the problem with pictures the next morning.    So, on our way home last night we took pictures of the area to show the obstruction.

Before - Obstructed view for drivers turning left
Before – Obstructed view for drivers turning left

This morning, when we came to the office, we noticed the city had already taken care of the overgrowing tree and the obstruction was cleared.  We were amazed at this response time.  The problem was submitted at 12:00 pm yesterday and before 9:00 am this morning it was resolved –  less than 24 hours!

After - Obstruction cleared less than 24 hours
After – Obstruction cleared in less than 24 hours

“My Scottsdale” App

What we like so much about the “My Scottsdale” application is that it automatically pinpoints the location of the problem.  You summarize the issue, snap the picture, hit submit, and allow the location to be identified.   The City sees the problem and knows the location.

So, when we realized that the obstruction was resolved this morning, we used the “My Scottsdale” iPhone app to send the City a thank you note with the pictures you see above.

Using the app was so easy; uploading photos, summarizing the problem and an option to provide contact information all right there; and again, the application automatically submitted the location.  It took less than 2 minutes to send the note with pictures.

Non-emergency situations

Non-emergency situations include things like signal malfunctions, cracks in side walks, graffiti and other non-life threatening situations.

If the maintenance item is an emergency condition, please call the Police Department at 480-312-5000 or if it’s an emergency water issue, call the Water Operations Department at 480-312-5650.  You can call these numbers 24 hours a day.

Since submitting our safety issue yesterday, we learned that The City of Scottsdale’s policy is to respond to non-emergency situations submitted by residents within 24 hours of them being reported.  Not many cities we know do that.

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