If you’re like many home-sellers in Scottsdale and the surrounding communities, your home has a “bonus room.” You might use it as a home office, a workout room or a guest room – or you may not use it at all.
But here’s the bottom line: Buyers want to get as much space as they can when they’re buying a home for sale in Scottsdale. That means you have to make that bonus room something spectacular – or, at the very least, highlight how much extra space the bonus room will give buyers when they sign the dotted line.
So where do you start?

5 Tips to Use “Flex Space” to Help You Sell Your Home in Scottsdale

When you put your home on the market, you’re not just selling four walls and a roof. You’re selling a lifestyle that buyers want. To make your home – and especially your bonus room – as appealing as possible to potential buyers:

  1. Give your bonus room a singular purpose.
  2. Make the most of the home gym or meditation space.
  3. Turn the space into a media room.
  4. Create a home office space.
  5. Turn the room into a guest’s paradise.

#1. Give your bonus room a singular purpose.

Don’t let your bonus room serve more than one purpose. Not only do you run the risk of confusing buyers, you also run the risk of telling them there’s not enough room in the house to do what they want to do. When you combine a home gym and an office, they’re thinking about why you put them together and reasoning that it’s because there’s not enough space for both in the house – even if there is.

#2. Make the most of the home gym or meditation space.

If you use your spare room as a home gym, clear it out and make sure it’s only a gym. Don’t use the closet for seasonal clothing – use it to stash towels, weights and yoga mats. And while you’re at it, make sure all the equipment is clean. Add a water cooler and make sure there are mirrors on the wall, too. Think of it this way: When you visit a house that has a home gym that’s well-cared-for, you wish you had one – and your prospective buyers will feel the same way. If you use the space as a meditation room, make sure there are live (and healthy) plants, a few bamboo mats, and anything else that contributes to your Zen on full display. Set aside a nook in the corner with a few comfy floor pillows, too.

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#3. Turn the space into a media room.

Buyers love to see purely recreational space in a home. You don’t have to go out and invest in a pool table or expensive gaming system if you don’t already want either of those things, but setting up a table where “family game night” is possible is a great idea. Set up the room for video games and movie-watching, and add a comfy spot for reading if you have the space.

#4. Create a home office space.

The vast majority of Americans bring at least some work home with them during the week – and a growing number work only from home, as well. A designated home office that’s away from high-traffic areas can help you sell your home quickly. Here’s the catch: You don’t want to just throw a $100 desk in a room, put a lamp and a laptop on it, and pretend it’s a home office. You want it to look like a corner office where a person can do his or her very best work.

#5. Turn the room into a guest’s paradise.

There’s no harm in turning a spare room into a guest bedroom. If you do, though, make sure it’s on-trend and not outdated. It needs to look comfortable and relaxing, as well as spacious, without looking cluttered.

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